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Common Name: Chlorothalonil
Chemical Name: 2,4,5,6-tetrachloro-1,3-benzenedicarbonitrile
CAS No.: 1897-45-6
Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Physical Chemistry:

Technical product is a grayish to colorless crystalline solid that is odorless to slightly pungent. Solubility: 0.6 mg/L in water;Solubility in Other Solvents: acetone s.s.; dimethyl sulfoxide s.s.; cyclohexanone s.s.; kerosene i.s.; xylene s.s. Melting Point: 250-251C.Vapor Pressure: 1.3 mPa @ 40 C.


The oral LD50 is greater than 10,000 mg/kg in rats and 6000 mg/kg in mice. The acute dermal LD50 in both albino rabbits and albino rats is 10,000 mg/kg. In albino rabbits, 3 mg of chlorothalonil applied to the eyes caused mild irritation that subsided within 7 days of exposure.Chlorothalonil is slightly toxic to mammals, but it can cause severe eye and skin irritation in certain formulations.


Chlorothalonil is a broad-spectrum organochlorine fungicide used to control fungi that threaten vegetables, trees, small fruits, turf, ornamentals, and other agricultural crops. It also controls fruit rots in cranberry bogs.

Technical Purity: 97%Tech
Formulation Type: 75%WP,72%SC,50%SC
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