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Common Name: Imidacloprid
Chemical Name: (EZ)-1-(6-chloro-3-pyridylmethyl)-N-nitroimidazolidin-2-ylideneamine
CAS No.:


Molecular Formula: C9H10ClN5O2
Molecular Weight: 255.66
Physical Chemistry:

Technical product is a colorness crystal .Solubility: 0.51 g/l in water; soluble in dichloromethane - 50.0 - 100.0 g/l and isopropanol - 1.0-2.0 g/l. Melting Point: 136.4.


Oral acute oral LD50 for rat 450mg/kg; Acute dermal LD50 for rat 5000 mg/kg; Acute inhalation LC50 for rat 69 mg/meters.It is considered non-irritating to eyes and skin (rabbits), and non-sensitizing to skin (guinea pigs).


Imidacloprid is a systemic, chloro-nicotinyl insecticide with soil, seed and foliar uses for the control of sucking insects including rice hoppers, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, termites, turf insects, soil insects and some beetles. It is most commonly used on rice, cereal, maize, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets, fruit, cotton, hops and turf, and is especially systemic when used as a seed or soil treatment.

Technical Purity: 95%Tech
Formulation Type: 70%WDG ,70%WP, 70%WS,35%SC, 20%SC,20%SL
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