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Common Name: Isoxaflutole
Chemical Name: (5-cyclopropyl-4-isoxazolyl)[2-(methylsulfonyl)-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]methanone
CAS No.:



Molecular Formula: C15H12F3NO4S
Molecular Weight: 359.5
Physical Chemistry:

Technical Isoxaflutole is a yellow granular powder with a slight acetic acid-like odor. Water Solubility: 6.2 mg/l at 20 C. Solubility in Other Solvents: 293g/l in acetone;31.2g/l in toluene;13.8g/l in methanol. Melting Point: 135-136 C. Vapor Pressure: 1 x 10 to the minus 6 Pa at 25 C.


The acute oral LD50 for technical Isoxaflutole was reported to be >5000 mg/kg for rats. The dermal LD50 for rabbits exposed to technical Isoxaflutole was >2000 mg/kg. The acute inhalation LC50 for rats exposed to Isoxaflutole is 5.23 mg/L. It was found to be no irritating to the rabbit eye and be no irritating to the skin of male rabbits. Primary Dermal Sensitization in Guinea-Pigs - Did not exhibit any sensitization potential.


Isoxaflutole is specifically a soil herbicide, acting pre-emergence. Isoxaflutole is a broad spectrum herbicide, acting on a wide range of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. The mode of action of isoxaflutole is the inhibition of the enzyme 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD), thereby inhibiting pigment formation, and causing bleaching of the developing tissues of the target plants. Isoxaflutole is systemic in its activity, being absorbed roots and leaves.

Technical Purity: 98%Tech
Formulation Type: 75%WDG
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