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Common Name: Kresoxim-methyl
Chemical Name: methyl (αE)-α-(methoxyimino)-2-[(2-methylphenoxy)methyl]benzeneacetate
CAS No.: 143390-89-0
Molecular Formula: C18H19NO4
Molecular Weight: 313.35
Physical Chemistry:

Appearance : White crystals .Melting point:101.6-102.5 °C. Vapour pressure: 2.3 · 10-6 Pa at 20°C. Solubility in water: 2 mg/l at 20°C. Solubility in organic solvents (at 20°C): n-heptane: 1.72 g/l solvent, methanol: 14.9 g/l solvent, acetone: 217g/l solvent, ethyl acetate: 123 g/l solvent, dichloromethane: 939 g/l solvent.


Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats >5000 mg/kg. Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >2000 mg/kg. Non-irritating to skin and eyes (rabbits). Inhalation LC50 (4 h) for rats >5.6 mg/l.


Kresoxim-methyl has good and broad activity against most of the plant pathogenic fungi belonging to the Deuteromycetes, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Oanycetes such as powder mildew in grape vine, rust diseases in wheat, early and late bight in potatoes, rot in zucchini, blast in rice etc. It has excellent effective on powder mildew in strawberry, muskmelon, cucumbers, and on scab in pears.

Technical Purity: 95%Tech
Formulation Type: 50%WDG
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