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Common Name: Methomyl
Chemical Name:

S-methyl (EZ)-N-(methylcarbamoyloxy)thioacetimidate

CAS No.: 16752-77-5
Molecular Formula: C5H10N2O2S
Molecular Weight: 162.20
Physical Chemistry:

Technical product is white, crystalline solid with a slight sulfurous odor. Solubility: 57.9 g/l in water; soluble in methanol, acetone, ethanol, and isopropanol. Melting Point: 79.


Oral acute oral LD50 for rat 17 mg/kg; Acute dermal LD50 for rat 5000 mg/kg; Acute inhalation LC50 for rat 0.3 mg/l. Methomyl is not a skin irritant or a skin sensitizer, but is a mild eye irritant in animals.


It is used for foliar treatment of vegetable, fruit and field crops, cotton, commercial ornamentals, and in and around poultry houses and dairies. It is also used as a fly bait. Methomyl is effective in two ways: (a) as a "contact insecticide," because it kills target insects upon direct contact, and (b) as a "systemic insecticide" because of its capability to cause overall "systemic" poisoning in target insects.

Technical Purity: 98%Tech
Formulation Type: 90%SP, 35%SC,25%SP, 24%SL,20%EC
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